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Fashionably conscious.

Can Fashion ever be truly conscious and sustainable ? Bear with me here, I'm not asking if clothing can be conscious and sustainable , but Fashion itself . Is it ok to enjoy clothes ? Can I admire the beauty of designs and fabrics when there is no practical need for them ?

If I were to make a list of clothing I need, it would look very different to the list of clothing I own.
On a day to day basis I'm home educating my daughter , we spend time between home, forest schools, a farm group, the library... I don't drive so we walk everywhere.  None of these places call for  the red suede boots sitting in my bedroom or the black lace midi skirt hanging in the back of my wardrobe. That's not to say I don't ever have the opportunity for wearing  nicer ( read - non practical ) garments , but my current needs list would probably be more likely to contain walking boots and waterproof coats than fashion items !

So the main reason I have ten times this (and most items are ten …

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