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The Food bank .... and so much more

' We aim to help people out of crisis and poverty whether that’s resources, relational or identity and empower clients to enable them to make confident decisions and responses to future challenges they may face.'

A few weeks ago my youngest and I had a chance to visit our local food bank with some other children who are home educated. The food bank is run as part of the Barnabas community project based in Coleham, Shrewsbury. We were warmly welcomed by Karen who answered any questions we had, before she gave us the tour.
The Food bank is run by a group of volunteers who help process and distribute wherever its needed , and its needed more and more. I was surprised by how much more than just food the centre deals with  (which is why its technically known as foodbank plus) . The main room processes food and grocery items, all of which have to be individually dated in permanent marker when they come in. Food banks are of course grateful for all donations but a constantly updated …

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